Thinking about Relocating to China? Part III (And Final)

Xi'an Terracotta Warriors

Other Considerations: Even if a company is looking to only expand its presence in China, it can still benefit greatly by looking at what companies are doing to succeed in other emerging markets. For example, Tata, a massive Indian corporation, has been able to increase its own brand awareness globally through its acquisition of Jaguar […]

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Thinking about Relocating to China? Part II

City Walls of Xi'an

For Employers: While cultural adjustment occurs on an individual level, an employer should not assume that they can get by with simply preparing an employee for the business side of living in China and the hope that the employee can figure out the rest. The success of a foreign project relies greatly on whether the […]

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Thinking about Relocating to China? Part I

Chinese New Year in Xi'an

     As the world continues to globalize, Asia has emerged as a major player in the business world, and for many years, the Chinese market has been growing at a remarkable pace. One of the best ways for domestic firms to penetrate the market is by opening up operations in China. However, before companies […]

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Azúcar, Alimentación y Pobreza

En abril estuve en  los Estados Unidos por casi 4 semanas y una de mis principales preocupaciones fue comer lo mas sano que me era  posible, compre frutas, verduras y por lo general prepare mi propia comida como una forma de evitar los excesos de azúcar y sal que la gran mayoría de los alimentos […]

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Google Mapas Sin Ruta Entre Peru y Chile


Una simple busqueda de una ruta entre Peru y Chile muestra que Google Mapas no registra ninguna ruta entre los dos paises. En este ejemplo trate de calcular una ruta entre Tacna y Arica, pero muestra que la unica ruta posible incluye pasar por La Paz, Bolivia. Muy raro, porque con otros paises no se […]

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Limitations of Google Maps


An example of the limitations that Google maps has in South America is shown above. I couldn’t find any way for Google to show me a reasonable route between Tacna, Peru and Arica, Chile. I tried changing it to walking mode, but it insists on recommending a ridiculous path that includes going to La Paz, Bolivia […]

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El gran problema humano “vivir todos juntos en la justicia y en la igualdad”

Children with OLPC in Nicaragua

“vivir todos juntos en la justicia y en la igualdad1” Pareciera a lo menos en teoría una tarea simple, si se considera que la persona humana esta hecha a imagen de Dios, por lo que no seria osado establecer que esta “creatura” no tendría sentimientos distintos a los de su creador, razón por la cual […]

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Posters From North Korea


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Climate Change Anyone?


Here in Xi’an we’ve had one of the most unusual weather situations during 2011, and below are a couple of images from China’s meteorological service that highlight what’s going on. This first image is a snapshot of precipitation from August 19th to September 17th. The area I’m living in is the big blue circle in […]

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GEO Mobile Radio Interface and the Thuraya Telecommunications Company

Abstract—For the past decade, the Thuraya Telecommunications Company has been offering satellite voice and data services to most of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East through its use of various geostationary satellites operating the GEO Mobile Radio Interface standard (GMR). Due to its interoperability with existing GSM networks, GMR has been able to attract […]

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